roxymissrose (roxymissrose) wrote in wednesday100,

Sugar Daddy

Raisinets. Popcorn, Milk Duds, Mike & Ikes…all perfectly decent movie food. But nooo….

Lex glanced at the screen; back at his friend glowing in the blue light…working that Sugar Daddy like it was the best thing ever to pass his lips. Gaaaaaaawwd. Why? What did he do to deserve torture like this?

Stuff was blowing up on screen, doom was raining down with gay abandon…and speaking of…abandon, Clark was licking the damn thing now. For God's—just eat it! Finish it, shit!

"Did you say something Lex?"

"Me? No—enjoying the movie?"

Clark grinned around the Sugar Daddy. "Oh yeah."
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I will never be able to look at a Sugar Daddy in the same way again. lol

Deleted comment

I dunno, I think Lex should offer something similarly shaped, but oh so much better ... *drools* ... yeah, thats the ticket. Suck on this, farmboy!!