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"Of the Father"

“Lionel! What brings you back to Suicide Slums, old friend?”

“It’s my son,” Lionel said irritably. “Last night he came home at an ungodly hour, hopped up on some designer drug and reeking of sex. When I demanded to know where he’d been and with whom, he told me flat-out that he’d found someone who could give him all the love and attention he never got at home.”

“I see… So, whaddaya want me to do?”

“Find and kill whoever’s fucking my son,” Lionel said, eyes glinting with conviction. “Because I'm the only man Lex is allowed to call ‘Daddy.’”
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oooh, dark. That Lionel! He's a bad egg.

Very nice. Quite a drabble!
Lionel was always at his best when he was nefarious and eeveel. I always said -- and was thrilled when I read an interview with John Glover wherein he said practically the same thing -- that Lionel didn't see what he was doing as bad; in HIS mind, he was doing the right thing, the best thing. Even when he got "reborn" as Jor-El's emissary, he still maintained that twisted logic to his actions -- remember how he beat that woman's head in with a shovel, after Lex helped free him from Lana's little Misery cabin prison? And how he justified putting Clark in a krypto cage?

He was well and truly fucked up, but he never stopped believing that he was doing The Right Thing the entire time. Considering how TPTB/writers fucked up things over the years, JG proved to be a true professional and the consumate actor in his ability to maintain a somewhat consistent character throughout. Gotta love that man...
okay, now that just sounded naaaaaaasty, right? *admires more*
Ugh, creepy and chilling and very kinky ... just how I like it! LOL