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Couldn't hurt to post something here to keep the community available for those late night strolls down memory lane, so while I doubt anyone will respond ... how about a 'challenge' for old times sake?

Challenge: Pondering the Past
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Lex has never liked snow; it's always delaying his flights and dirtying his cars.

But as he and Clark cross a silent Smallville street, snow starts to fall and suddenly chokes the crisp, black night like soft static. Streetlights create tiny halos around every flake as they float ethereally. They fall in Clark's hair and on his upturned face.

When Clark turns to him, smiling and streaked with tear-like trails, Lex is struck dumb with the perfection of this moment. Clark sticks out his tongue to catch errant flakes and Lex and thinks maybe snow isn't so bad after all.
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Ok, this place is too dead so it's prompt time!

I declare this week's theme to be: Seasons! Spring, summer, autumn, or winter, your choice!

So quit cramming for finals or shopping for the holidays and write 100 words of awesomeness!


The Gift

Note: I'm just coming up with this one w/o prompt, because I didn't see one.

Jor-El looked on stonily, holding his tearful wife. "Lara, we must do this."

"I know it's his only chance, but he's my son. I'm losing him either way."

"We have to send him. Our world is about to be destroyed, and we can't deny the universe this gift."

They both stared down at their son, Kal-El, lying naked in the cradle/spaceship. He had been born with the sparnak, the sign of greatness, the sign of leadership, of power, of superpower even -- a large penis.

"Our boy, my little Kal, is going to make some bald billionaire very happy."
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If You Can't Be With The One You Love ...

Mercy stood by the door, eyes constantly moving around the room, alert for any threat. She tried to ignore the sounds coming from deep within the gloom, just as she ignored anything else that didn’t pertain to keeping the Boss healthy.

She resolutely didn’t see how the Boss pumped hard into women kneeling before him. Didn’t smell the woman’s juices as they flowed freely down her legs. And definitely felt no pain within as the two came loudly and collapsed.

After all, Hope didn’t know that Mercy loved her with a sick passion—and tomorrow night it would be Hope’s turn to guard the door.
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Clark's calls used to go to voice-mail, but now they're preempted by a harsh, triadic tone.

His emails come back, undelivered, citing 'system error' or 'unknown address'.

Still unwilling to risk it all, he's tried just walking in at a normal pace. He made it to reception once, before being escorted out by security. Now, the doormen know his face and stop him on sight.

So Clark writes letters. He's sent one nearly every day for a year. He doesn't worry about licking the stamp.

At the Luthorcorp penthouse, Lex reads each letter, sometimes twice.

After that, he burns them.

For redeem147's unrequited prompt.
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Challenge Closed

Well now we know that at least 6 or 7 people still visit this community LOL!

Thanks to those who post and responded. Maybe with your help we can breathe some life back ... and since there does not seem to be any "moderators" actively "monitoring" anymore, I think I'll just be my usual bossy self and say that for next week, the challenge should be put up by the one who first posted to this challenge (other than myself):


Tag, you're it!

Another Straw ...

What was a boy to do when his best friend died?

Couldn’t cry, that was what girls did. Couldn’t run to his Mother and crawl in to her lap, letting her embrace soothe his despair, that was weak. For babies.

But oh how he wanted to do both. To be held, to cry his eyes out. He’d have to be really stupid (and brave) to give Father that much ammunition, though. Might have been worth it in this case, if only--

If only the drunk whore he used to call his Mother hadn’t been the one to run Flopsy over.

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A/N: ... I hope it isn't so vague that you don't know who's POV this is from ...
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