Azrielle Jones (azrielle_jones) wrote in wednesday100,
Azrielle Jones

The Ass and his Purchaser

Mandy thanks Clark for the latte and slips into her robe. She bites the straw and winks. He blushes now at that, but he wasn't blushing five minutes ago when he watched her film a threesome.

Jonathan's voice comes through Clark's headset and he's glad to flee Mandy's lascivious stare. His dad asks him to bring fresh towels to set four and reminds him about putting the dildos into the sanitizer.

Clark sighs. He'll be seventeen for a few more months.

Then, he won't just be a production assistant for the Kent family adult film empire.

He'll be the star. 

Inspired strictly by the title, but the moral is "A man is known by the company he keeps."  Dedicated to roxymissrose ;)
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