helioshyperion (helioshyperion) wrote in wednesday100,

The Gift

Note: I'm just coming up with this one w/o prompt, because I didn't see one.

Jor-El looked on stonily, holding his tearful wife. "Lara, we must do this."

"I know it's his only chance, but he's my son. I'm losing him either way."

"We have to send him. Our world is about to be destroyed, and we can't deny the universe this gift."

They both stared down at their son, Kal-El, lying naked in the cradle/spaceship. He had been born with the sparnak, the sign of greatness, the sign of leadership, of power, of superpower even -- a large penis.

"Our boy, my little Kal, is going to make some bald billionaire very happy."

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