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weekly torture

the smallville drabble challenge

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Challenges are posted each Tuesday night before or at midnight Pacific time. The challenges are stored in Memories for easy access. A complete list of the challenges can also be found in this Master List post.

You must be a member to post. Members will have until Thursday midnight P.S.T. to post their one hundred words. Instructions are here for those LJ-illiterate.

Entries must be one hundred words. It's a practice in discipline, people. "A story in one hundred words, not one hundred words of a story" is our motto, and I wish I could give that wise person credit.

Drabble-writing Basics by prillalar is is recommended reading before writing.

Be reasonable with your number of entries. Try to limit your drabbles to four, and put them (cut-tagged) in the same post if possible. We don't want to jam people's friends lists.

Please read the challenge carefully. New challenges can be suggested in the comments of the last challenge post. UPDATE: Please read this ENTRY before posting a suggestion!

Posts may include exposition if you feel it necessary, but please, no posts that aren't responses to challenges.

If you write a sequel to your one hundred words, and it does not meet the current challenge requirements, do not post in the community. You have a personal journal for that sort of thing. Just edit your one hundred words to add a link.

Smallville fandom, all ratings, all pairings accepted, but the community is slash-oriented.

This Community was created by dammitcarl and is currently being maintained by lexalot and sinisterf. Any concerns, questions or suggestions should be directed towards the maintainers.

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